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Balance and Peace
Practicing yoga includes breath movement and periods of calming postures to relax the mind and create a sense of calm and balance that will help deal with the stress of our daily lives.

Enhanced Appearance
Yoga can help you achieve a desired weight, as well as to develop good muscle tone, making you feel and look better.
A healthy spine improves posture and provides a greater sense of well being.

More Flexibility
Greater flexibility derived from practicing yoga will reduce your risk of injury, especially if you are involved in other sports where joint and muscle injuries are prevalent.

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Improved Health
Yoga improves your resistance to disease. The postures and movements in yoga massage the internal organs, enhancing blood circulation and functionality, reducing the risk of illness.

Discover How Yoga Can Improve Your Life!
Bija "Pretzel"
New Student Special
3 Classes for $20
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Dear Students: After 19 years of providing yoga instruction to the Potrero Hill community, first as Pretzel's Yoga School and then as Yoga Fountain, on July 30, 2014, we will be holding our final class in the Carolina Street studio. We will miss all our wonderful students and hope to see many in the future as we search for a new home. Please check the website for updates regarding our new location. We look forward to seeing you down the road.